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Green Team-Greening Congregation

On February 18, 2009, EUMC was designated as an official "Greening Congregation" by Earth Ministry, an ecumenical environmental organization, based in Seattle. The church received its official designation banner during Earth Day Sunday Service on April 19th from a representative of Earth Ministry. This designation tells everyone who uses our church that EUMC is committed to good stewardship of the building (and its activities), the community, and the earth. It also reminds us as members to always keep the earth's stewardship as part of our planning and implementation processes. Annual Plans and reports are due each year to ensure that the church is continuing its "Greening" activities. Opportunities to collaborate and cooperate with other organizations and churches are offered through Earth Ministry, as well as networking information on the local, national, and international level. 

A Sample of EUMC’s Green Accomplishments

  • Energy Audit by PUD and Green Team to Identify Problem Areas
  • Energy Review of freezers and refrigerators
  • Compost Service instituted with Cedar Grove Composting
  • Waste (compost, recycling, trash) Separation for Church Events
  • Composting containers in church kitchens
  • Trash (Landfill) pick-ups Reduced
  • Reusable cups and glasses for Coffee Hours
  • Styrofoam Cup Elimination
  • Non-Compostable Paper Products Elimination
  • Dishwashing at most EUMC meal events
  • Economical Savings in Waste Management
  • Reusable plates, cups, glasses, and silverware for most church events
  • Tracking and reporting on gas and electrical usage at EUMC over a 5 year period
  • Numerous meetings, consultations, deliberations, and recommendations with PUD and PSE staff regarding upgrading and energy efficient building operation
  • Research grant applications to Sno PUD for rebates on efficient lighting program
  • PUD Grant for Lighting Efficiency Improvements
  • Replacement of incandescent bulbs with florescent or LED bulbs inside EUMC
  • Motion and sound sensors for most lights inside EUMC
  • Higher efficiency light bulbs outside EUMC
  • Furnace Task Force to Research Efficient Heating Options
  • Engineering Consultant to Analyze Furnace Options for EUMC
  • Earth Sunday Service Celebration
  • PCC speaker to Adult Class
  • Master Gardening Class
  • Children’s Sermon, Earth Sunday
  • Earth Sunday Fair
  • Bike Rack Installation
  • Recognition as Green Congregation by Earth Ministry