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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Formation In Christ
Rev. Stan Fowler, guest preacher



Read Scripture in Worship

Serve Communion

 You may also contact the Church Office and sign-up to read scripture and/or serve communion at 425-778-2119.

Read Scripture in Worship                    Serve Communion


You may also contact the Church Office and sign-up to read scripture and/or serve communion at 425-778-2119.


Sermon Audio

Filename Date
A music file Community-In-Christ 2017-09-18
A music file The-Atoning-God 2017-09-11
A music file Be-The-Light 2017-09-05
A music file Jesus-The-Icon-of-God 2017-08-28
A music file The-Judgement-of-God---Punishment-or-Consequences 2017-08-22
A music file The-Dilemma-of-the-Bipolar-God_Rev.Fowler 2017-08-14
A music file Heaven-On-Earth_Rev.-Fowler 2017-08-07
A music file People-of-the-Story---Elijah 2017-07-31
A music file People-of-the-Story---Shadrach-Meshack-and-Abednego 2017-07-24
A music file People-of-the-Story---Esther 2017-07-17
A music file People-of-the-Story---Deborah 2017-07-10
A music file People-of-the-Story---Samson 2017-07-03
A music file People-of-the-Story---Gideon 2017-06-26
A music file Youth-Sunday-This-Is-Us 2017-06-19
A music file People-of-the-Story---Rahab 2017-06-12
A music file Every-Shape-and-Hue 2017-06-05
A music file Sustained-By-Awe---Sue-Sutherland-Hanson 2017-05-31
A music file Creation-Care-from-a-Native-American-Perspective 2017-05-22
A music file The-Comfort-of-Well-Protected-Feet 2017-05-15
A music file Gathering-and-Scattering 2017-05-08
A music file Conformation-or-Transformation---Tammy-Jane 2017-05-01
A music file Faith-of-the-Mustard-Seed---Denny-Balascio 2017-05-01
A music file Questions-and-Answers-with-Pastor-Sandy 2017-04-24
A music file The-Last-Week---8-The-Day-Everything-Changed 2017-04-17
A music file The-Last-Week---6-The-Cross-and-the-Tomb 2017-04-10
A music file The-Last-Week---5-The-Longest-Night 2017-04-03
A music file The-Last-Week---4-Traitor-and-the-Saint 2017-03-27
A music file The-Last-Week-3-Conflict-and-Crisis 2017-03-20
A music file The-Last-Week---2-Turning-the-Tables 2017-03-13
A music file The-Last-Week---1-A-Tale-of-Two-Parades 2017-03-06
A music file The-Advent-Journey-4---Nazareth-to-Bethlehem 2016-12-19
A music file The-Advent-Journey-3---Marys-Visit-to-Elizabeth 2016-12-12
A music file the_advent_journey_2_joseph 2016-12-09
A music file The-Heart-of-Prayer---Nov-20-2016 2016-12-09
A music file covenant_people_3_presence 2016-12-09
A music file covenant_peoples_4_prayer 2016-12-09
A music file 11_27_16_the_journey_nazareth_to_bethlehem 2016-12-09
A music file 01_03_16-Stan-Fowler-Faces-At-the-Manger-A-Baby 2016-12-09

On Sunday, June 25, 2017, our worship bulletin and Beyond Sunday Morning became one document. Beyond Sunday Mornings created prior to June 25, 2017, can be found by scrolling down this page to the "Beyond Sunday Morning" section. 

Sermon Archive

We are currently uploading the sermon audio and transcript archive. Recordings and transcripts will be available soon.