The Debbie Leraas Children's Center

About Us...
We are a Christian Program dedicated to providing a nurturing, secure environment with enriching and developmentally appropriate experiences for children. Experienced teachers with a thorough understanding of child development provide a variety of engaging activities which foster cognitive, social, emotional, physical and spiritual growth. We value and celebrate each child with unconditional love, care and support.

We have been providing excellent Early Childhood Education programs for children since 1980. We offer a loving and nurturing Christian environment, and enriching curriculum and a strong emphasis on families. We are a fully licensed program.

Philosophy & Curriculum

We strive to help children learn to value others and themselves through:

* Enriching social interactions and cooperative learning
* Encouraging creativity and uniqueness
* Validation of and appropriate expression of feelings
* Fair, gentle and consistent discipline which encourages self-control
* Recognizing talents and different ways of learning
* Helping children develop an understanding of kind and caring behavior
* Including multi-cultural experiences and materials
* Interactions and activities that promote good self-esteem and healthy habits

To support and foster growing independence and the natural learning process through:

* Exploration and Discovery
* Involving the whole body and senses in learning
* Facilitating problem-solving strategies
* Providing appropriate challenge and responsibility
* A balance of child-centered, child-directed activities
* Providing choice within appropriate boundaries
* Experiences that are relevant and meaningful to the young child's life
* Experiences that are joyful and help develop a life-long love of learning

To foster spiritual growth and share in God's love through:

* Engaging chapel times bi-weekly
* Helping children discover and reflect on the beauty and wonders of God's world
* Modeling love and caring for others, prayerfulness, joy and thankfulness
* Supporting all children in the development of their relationship with God
* Laying the foundation for a life-long relationship with Christ


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Debbie Leraas Children's Center

Tours of the Children's Center are available for parents interested in our childcare or preschool programs. If you are interested in a tour, or more information, please contact Heather Peterson-Bruno, Director, at 425.774.4458.

For the health and safety of all the children we care for…we are a NUT-FREE program!

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