Cold Weather Shelter

Please click the link to find out if the Cold Weather Shelter is open:

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Edmonds United Methodist Church, Trinity Lutheran Church and several area churches facilitate the South Snohomish County Emergency Cold Weather Shelter.

People seeking overnight shelter in the Lynnwood area are to gather at Lynnwood City Hall on 44th Avenue or at the Bus Stop by Trader Joe's at Highway 99 and 196th Street at 7:00pm. The shelter network is open to families, women, and men and can accommodate 50 people with preference given to young, elderly, and the ill.

Evening and morning meals will be provided, and guests will be transported back at 7:00 am the next morning. Pets will be accommodated to the best of our ability. For information or to volunteer, contact Coralie Shepherd at the Edmonds UMC church office.

Cold Weather Shelter Information

How Do I Find Out if You Are Going to Be Open

call Trinity Lutheran Church at 425-778-2159 ext 8.

Where Do I Go?

A shuttle bus picks up people at Lynnwood City Hall at 19100 44th Ave W in Lynnwood at 7:00PM. A second stop is made at the bus stop by Trader Joe's in Lynnwood at 196th St and Highway 99 at 7:10PM. People with cars are welcome to follow the shuttle to the shelter

Can I Go Straight to the Shelter?

Yes you can go straight to the shelter if you know where the location is for a particular night. The shelter location changes depending on availability so it is best to take the shuttle.

Do You Have any Food

Yes. We serve a hot dinner and breakfast.

Do I Have to be Sober/Free of Drugs?

No. Some homeless people are trapped in alcohol and drug addiction and need warm shelter as much or more than others. We do require that anyone under the influence be able to follow instructions and get along with others, in order to enter.

Can I Smoke at the Shelter?

Yes. There are smoke breaks of 10 minutes every 2 hours throughout the night.

Can I Bring Alcohol or Drugs into the Shelter?

NO alcohol or non-prescription mood altering drugs will be allowed in. All guests will be searched prior to entering.