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Food Week

Friends, October 20 begins Food Week, a time to focus on hunger, poverty, and justice in our land, neighborhood, and world.
Children around the world are stunted in growth and brain power when they do not receive good nutrition. Your prayers and letters to Congress can help children grow and thrive, as you make improving global nutrition a priority.  Your letters can urge Congress to increase funding for programs that provide better diets for poor farmers, promote breastfeeding for young children and ensure safe drinking water.
We envision a world where everyone has enough affordable, healthy and culturally appropriate food -where no one is hungry, and where all who work in the food chain are fairly compensated, respected and celebrated.
WA state Faith Action Network encourages pastors to peach about food sovereignty on October 20, support local P-Patch efforts, climate justice, famine/drought/refugees/immigrants and write letters to Congress.
Email FAN at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and for further resources for your congregation
Call or email BREAD FOR THE WORLD for sample letters to Congress and "daily prayers for an end to hunger": 800-822-7323 or

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